REMINDER: Re enrolment for Year 2016 : EXTENDED DEADLINE 10th NOVEMBER, 2015

Assalamua’laikum our dearest IISSA parents ,

Gentle Reminder here. You are duly reminded to re enrol your children for the 2016 session to confirm your children’s place in IISSA. Failure to which their places might be given away to other new applicants.
We sincerely regret to remind you your deadline to confirm has ended on the 30th October having extended another week prior our first letter of notification.
But, we do wait anxiously for you to reconfirm as we need to confirm textbooks and uniforms for them by 2nd DEADLINE 10th NOVEMBER,2015.
Please give us your best attention to ensure your children receives the best here at IISSA.

Jazakumullahukhairon kathira.

Registrar & Admissions Department