Parent’s Briefing

Last Saturday, we conducted a briefing session with new parents that will enroll their children to IISSA primary and secondary school. It was a success. More than 50 parents willingly spend their time to attend the briefing at De’Palma Inn Hotel, Shah Alam. Here are some pictures taken on that day.

Parents that attend the briefing last Saturday.

The creative art works and folios from our selected students.

Our Finance & HR Director, Puan Noraini.

Our Executive Director, Puan Sabariah Faridah

Our Marketing & Development Director, Puan Jamaliah

Chairman of IISSA, Pak Hasni Muhammad.

He is the one that introduce Integrated and Holistic Education System to our school.


2 thoughts on “Parent’s Briefing

  1. AsSalam
    I hv registered my daughter to enroll primary school next year and couldn’t attend the briefing session at De Palma due to work outstation. When we will get the notification for registration approved?

    Student name: Nur Iman Nabilah Zulafqar

    • Assalam Pn Rizadora.

      Your child need to undergo a placement test in order for us to assess up to what level your child is currently.
      The school will notify you by letter. When you will receive the letter?
      We usually carry out the test in October, and so, the letter will reach to you after Hari Raya, or during the first month of October.
      Hope that I’ve answer your questions.


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