The Children Made Cookies!

The kids were over excited when the teacher told them that they were to make cookies for hari raya. This is part of the ‘Ihya Ramadhan Program for Year 1 and Year 2 students. The students were divided into three groups; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday (students from Year 1) made Honey Corn Flakes while Thursday made American Chocolate Chips cookies, and both cookies were awesome!!! Here are some pictures of the baking day.

mixing the ingredients: butter, sugar and honey.

Mixed the butter and cornflakes together and it becomes like this.

Take a spoon and spoon up the all the mixed ingredient into a paper cup and it is ready to be bake!

Look how cute they are, making their own cookies.

They are spooning the mixed ingredients into the paper cups and decorates them with colour sprinkles.

After 10 min the honey cornflakes cookies is ready.

Happy faces.

It is easy to make, even the boys had a great time making them.

They enjoyed themselves.

Mixing the ingredient for American Chocolate Cookies.

The students were excited to make them.

Another happy face.

Look how creative and colourful the decorations.

The results....ta da!!

The boys really had a great time making the cookies.

You could even do this at home with your family.

Teachers were there to help them.



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