Assalamua’laikum wm wb,

We wish to officially announce that all Standard One, Two, Three, Five and Six are fully registered for this upcoming 2013 session. 

However, we do have just a few vacanciies in Standard 4 and in Secondary classes, namely Tahfiz Year One, Tahfiz Year Two (GIRLS), and both Tahfiz BOYS and GIRLS in Secondary One. Our Academic Class of Secondary One is FULL! 

Please refer to our latest updates and announcements. (13th Jan, 2013)

May this year be filled with Barakah and Rahmah and may Allah equip us strength and Hikmah in dealing our challenges ahead! Ameen..


4 thoughts on “STUDENTS ADMISSIONS 2013

  1. salam,
    I am looking for transportation service to pick my child to go back from school to Seksyen 7, Jalan Kristal..Are there any transportation provided. Thank You.

    • Wassalam wm wb
      Puan, Kindly contact our office staff as provided on our website and they will gladly help furnish you with information such as car pooling or school vans available in that area. Thank you.

    • AsSalaam. Terima Kasih kerana memilih IISSA untuk anak puan. Pendaftaran sudah boleh dibuat untuk tahun 2015. Terima Kasih kembali.

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