Date : 23rd January  2013

 Dear Parents/Guardians,

 Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


 May Allah bless you in the best of Iman and Taqwa, insyaAllah.

 2.         From the many feedbacks we received in seeking improvement this year, the management of IISSA suggests this fee structure as payment covering the year end school holidays (December fees);

 February to November 2013

 School fees   : RM440

Meals             : RM100

Total               : RM540 per month, to be paid before 7th of every month.

 3.         We would also advise all parents to bank in payments via our Ambank account No. 074-202-200101-6 (Platinum Atlas Sdn Bhd).

 4.         To avoid confusion, please send all bank-in slips to our Finance Department before the said period.

 Thank You. Jazakumullahu khairan kathira.

 Yours faithfully,





  1. Thank you the admin for your continued efforts in improving the administration, academic curriculum, facilities and all other aspects for the continued success of the school.

    However i hope that more can be done to ensure that safety measures are improved.i.e access to the school and improved security during school hours. Perhaps an intercom and/or cctv can be located at the front gate to limit access to parents and visitors to the school compound.

    Another point is that please ensure that repairs and maintenance works are regularly carried out in the premises especially in the classrooms. I have noticed that in some classrooms the air-conditioner has been out of order for some time and has yet to be repaired. This should be looked into as it does not provide a conducive environment for the children to be studying.Given that there is only ONE ceiling fan in every classroom and the location of that one ceiling fan is NOT placed in a central position on the ceiling, it is very uncomfortable and not conducive for the children especially at mid-day and in the afternoons. Hence, could the administrators kindly ensure that the air-conditioner is fully functional in all classrooms and that the ceiling fan is in good working condition too.

    Also, the toilets could be regularly cleaned more than once a day. This is especially so for the toilets located next to the girls dining area. It is most unpleasant for the girls to be dining next to the stench of the toilets.

    In ensuring the welfare of all children especially when it comes to general health, perhaps the management can issue personal information forms for every child at the beginning of the school year for parents to fill in . These personal information forms must be filled in every year by every child and should be kept by the class teacher. The information requested should include information regarding the child’s personal medical history, allergies, blood group, both parents emergency contact numbers, and all other pertinent information. This is because some children may have certain physical disabilities, allergies or special medical conditions such as asthma or anemia etc which may be crucial information for the teachers and the management to keep a record of so that urgent medical attention can be given to such children should the need arise.

    Thank you and I’m sure that in the best interests of all parties concerned,the management will look into these issues raised in due time.

    • As Salaam,
      Thank you for all comments made. I’m sure they are to the best interest to the school.

      If you notice, improvements are continously made to improve infra so as to seek a more conducive environment. Since Febuary, we have employed a new cleaner just to mind the washrooms.

      In March, we are extending our cafe area to the corridors so as to provide extra classrooms and other co-curricular activities.

      InsyaAllah, all suggestions will be forwarded to the Board of Directors attention.


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