Ref : ISSA/GEN/SFJ/13-180
Date : 28th August 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians at IISSA,

Asslamualaikum wrt wbkth.


May the barakah of Ramadhan flow into Syawal and may we be steadfast in continuing our amal last Ramadhan until the next Ramadhan, amen. The sahabis used to ask Allah SWT to accept their Ramadhan Amal even after Ramadhan is over until the month of Safar. From Rabiulawal onwards they make doa that they will be able to meet the coming Ramadhan again. Such is their attachment to doing good deeds which we should try to follow insyaAllah.

IISSA is happy to announce that we will be having the above on SUNDAY, 1st September 2013 from 8.30am to 11.30am. Although we want it to be a joyous occasion, at the same time let us remind ourselves and our teachers and beloved children that Muslims in many places around the world are suffering and facing great challenges. Hence we will also take the opportunity of the gathering to have a very short tazkirah on the events in the Muslim world today and its relation to education and to LAUNCH an IISSA AID FUND to assist our muslim brothers and sisters in need all over the world.

The tentative program will be as follows:-

8.30am : Arrival
9.00am : Greetings, tazkirah and launch of IISSA AID FUND
9.30am : Refreshments
11.30am : Disperse

To make the event more colourful and fun, IISSA is arranging and organized pot luck for the event as follows:-

PRIMARY ONE : to bring drinks. Any type, bottled or packet or home-made drinks. However, carbonated drinks are not allowed and would not be served if brought.
PRIMARY TWO : please bring fruits, any fruit, washed and cut if necessary
PRIMARY THREE : to bring raya cookies
PRIMARY FOUR, FIVE, SIX : there’s a request for heavy/main dish like mee, pasta,
nasi impit, and others
SECONDARY ONE, TWO : please bring kuih muih

Please be reminded not to bring too much food. A reasonable serving in 2 containers will be
very much appreciated. And please do not forget to bring your contribution to the IISSA AID
FUND that day and/or the whole of the following week.

We look forward to meeting many parents, students and teachers this Sunday insyaAllah.
May Allah SWT bless our majlis, ameen.


Yours sincerely,
Executive Director


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