Dear parents, the year 2014 is drawing near. The admin has issued a gentle reminder on re-registration your children to confirm they will still be with us for their 2014 session. This has been a yearly routine reminder as the school wishes to ensure proper learning facilities to commence early as soon as school reopens and not be unnecessarily hampered by administrative hiccups of not enough students or worse, not enough teachers per class etc.

Hence, please look out for our notice to re-register early, as late confirmations indicate your wish to terminate their stay and thus be replaced by others on waiting list.

Thank you, may Allah bless each of our effort for Mardhatillah, ameen.




  1. Wsalam…dear admin..we already make payment for the registration fees, thus would like to know when will be the due date for the rest of the payment for intake 2014. Is any letter will be sent to parents?tq

    • ASalaam, existing students will pay as the norm before the 7th of every month, while new students will receive a letter on fees structure from the admin. As per requirement, fees have been restructured to be paid monthly from January to November, and parents may bank in or pay directly to our school counter. Jzkk

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