Assalamua’laikum dear parents,

While we are tested with haze and dry spell throughout the state of Selangor, we are also tested along with 60,000 households in Selangor to be affected for 33 days by the following announcement made,                   

” KUALA LUMPUR: Syabas will start rationing water to 60,000 households in three districts from tomorrow . The three districts will be divided into two zones, with zone 1 being Hulu Langat and zone 2 being Kuala Langat and Sepang.

Residents in the affected zones will receive piped water on a “two days on, two days off” basis for 33 days until March 31.

In all, residents will be receiving 41 hours of water over two days and be without supply for about 55 hours….”

Posted on 25 February 2014 – 10:15pm (THE SUN DAILY)             

To avoid disruption of too many classes of the school’s syllabus, IISSA intends to brave through this test with this appeal.

We hope parents will be able to supply 2L of water daily to ensure your children will be able to perform wudhu’ and istinja’ with ease.

The school will also store water for the usual need to ensure toilets are kept clean, minimum hygiene maintained.

We call upon parents to perform Solat Hajat and make doa this Dry Spell will end soon.

Thank you, Wassalam.





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