Minimum Requirements:

• Diploma and equivalent
* Fluent in English, Malay and Arabic
• Experienced working with children and parents
• No criminal history record


• Answers phone calls in a pleasant, informed manner for the purpose of providing information and creating a good image of the school
• Manages telephone message system (office hours, inclement weather and other recorded messages)
• Greets all incoming students, families and guests respectfully and professionally
• Assists in all aspects of maintaining a professional front office, including but not limited to, fielding and directing incoming phone calls to the appropriate staff member in a timely, professional manner, filing and copying and faxing of sensitive information.
• Understands, accepts, and abides by the School’s philosophy and mission statement in all his/her school activities.
• Develops a positive, welcoming and caring climate in the Front Office.
• Consistently exhibits high standards of professional conduct.
• Effectively perform all other duties as assigned by Executive Director and the school BOD
• Arrives punctually, be prepared for each school day, and maintains regular attendance.
• Provides for children’s personal needs such as attending to those who are sick or hurt; administering medications as prescribed by a physician in accordance with training and authorization
• Requires basic clerical skills and knowledge of office practices and procedures that involve the operation of standard office equipment such as personal computer, copier, fax, and associated equipment that can be learned on the job within several months.
• Assists students and others with routine problems and will refer non-routine items to a supervisor.
• Works with courtesy, tact, and diplomacy in dealing with others, and the ability to work cooperatively as part of a team.
• Able to sit or stand for extended periods of time
• Lifts supplies and materials weighing up to 25 kg
• May be assigned to work in Guidance, Student Services, Curriculum, or the general office.
• Types routine correspondence, memoranda, reports, records, bulletins, orders and other office documents from sources such as rough drafts, notes, and oral instructions.
• Receives, counts, opens, unpacks, dates, stamps, records, sorts and distributes incoming mail, documents, books, materials and supplies following established procedures.
• Sorts and stamps out-going correspondence, addresses envelopes and packages, and prepares printed matter and other material for mailing.
• Receives and refers visitors, takes telephone calls and messages, and provides routine information upon request.
• Enters information or data to personal computer or computer terminal following established procedures.
• Able to read, comprehend and apply job-related written material and make decisions in accordance with applicable school system policies and procedures.
• Able to perform basic arithmetical calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions and decimals).
• Able to compute percentages.
• Able to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.
• Able to establish and maintain satisfactory working relationships with other employees, children, and the general public.
• Able to write legibly.
• Able to honor confidential information.


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