About ISSA

front gate


  • An Islamic Integrated primary and tertiary education institution
  • Set up to provide quality and excellence for children from primary school through their tertiary education.


  • A private primary and secondary education institution(with Quranic Generation Development Program)
  • The school curriculum is customised to suit the students’ achievements and progress in their affective, cognitive and psychomotor skills.
  • Each student will be privileged to seek his/her potential based on the school’s Philosophy, Vision and Mission.


  • Integrated School Shah Alam upholds the philosophy that is based on Tauhid, resulting in a system of education that is holistic, integrated and balanced


  • IISSA sets its VISION to be a leader in education  providing an integrated environment enabling continous growth for learning and knowledge  resulting a balanced and global thinking Muslim in mind, spirit and in action.


  • Generating insan rabbani knowledgeable, virtuous in faith and akhlaq via a holistic, balanced and integrated education system , based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah.


  • Students are our Amanah
  • Career as our Ibadah
  • Seek of Knowledge as our Jihad
  • Qudwah Hasanah

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