About ISSA

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  • An Islamic Integrated primary and tertiary education institution
  • Set up to provide quality and excellence for children from primary school through their tertiary education.


  • A private primary and secondary education institution(with Quranic Generation Development Program)
  • The school curriculum is customised to suit the students’ achievements and progress in their affective, cognitive and psychomotor skills.
  • Each student will be privileged to seek his/her potential based on the school’s Philosophy, Vision and Mission.


  • Integrated School Shah Alam upholds the philosophy that is based on Tauhid, resulting in a system of education that is holistic, integrated and balanced


  • IISSA sets its VISION to be a leader in education  providing an integrated environment enabling continous growth for learning and knowledge  resulting a balanced and global thinking Muslim in mind, spirit and in action.


  • Generating insan rabbani knowledgeable, virtuous in faith and akhlaq via a holistic, balanced and integrated education system , based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah.


  • Students are our Amanah
  • Career as our Ibadah
  • Seek of Knowledge as our Jihad
  • Qudwah Hasanah

16 thoughts on “About ISSA

  1. Assalamualaikum Pn Alyssa.

    Our school starts at 7.45am until 3.30pm.
    However, our administration office is open at 8.30am until 5.00pm.
    The registration is still open for all (primary 1 until secondary 1).
    Just drop by at our office and we will proceed with the registration process.


  2. Assalaamua’laikum. Dear Mr Samiur Rashid. Yes, we do accept International Muslim students already based in Malaysia. Most of our international students are of arab descent. Our main Medium of instruction is English. Yes, our present Section 19 is our permanent premise, insyaaAllah.

  3. Wassalamua’laikum wm wb Puan Shariza.
    We are delighted upon another Malaysian returning home from abroad and the prospect that you will be joining our school next year, 2013? However, your child will be assessed according to his capabilities, talents and skills. It would help if you could get hold our school curriculum earlier, so he will be prepared for our placement /entry test. Our Admin Staff will be able to help you get hold of our relevant academic staff to assist you further. Thank you.

  4. Wassalam wm wb, it is with deep regeret tha classes for Year 5 for 2013 session is fully registered. However, do fill in forms at our Admissions Department for KIV list students? Thank you.

  5. Wassalam. Std 1 enrollment for intake of 2015 is still open. However you are advised to make haste filling in the application forms and submitting the necessary documents such as birth certificate along with a minimum processing fee of RM20 to our Admissions Department. Applications will be closed by end of May 2014 for the 2015 intake. Thank you for your inquiry.

  6. Wassalam puan, you are looking at it. We humbly have this blog and kindly find all the details required here on this blog. Currently we are located at Section 19 Shah Alam. Please find address in full on our main page. Primary 2 and 3 may be full, but then again you might just be lucky if there are others who leave at year end. Feel free to visit our Admissions Dept and fill in the application forms and we will follow through diligently after. Thank you.

  7. Wassalamua’laikum.
    If you have a legal working permit here in Malaysia, then your son is allowed to study in any private schools in Malaysia. However, our entrance age to Primary One is 7 years old. You may want to enter him to any of our local Islamic based learning Kindergartens prior to entering our school. Thank you.

  8. We are currently at Jln Sulam Lima 19/14E, Seksyen 19 40300 Shah Alam. Please click on ABOUT US on our blog to get details. Call 03-5542-2941 for directions
    . Jzkk

  9. Wassalam puan. You should make haste to register him early next year before May 2015. Please present yourself to IISSA and fill in our Application forms and bring along your son’s birth cert and parent’s IC . The school will later arrange for a placement test somewhere in August. Thank you

  10. Wssalam. Bagi anak puan yang berusia 7 tahun, maaf tempat dalam darjah 1 sudah pun penuh. Bagi yang berusia 5tahun, Januari 2015 nanti, sila hadir ke sekolah dan isi Borang Kemasukan utk tahun 2016.Terima kasih

  11. Wassalam, Our Primary is located at Section 19 Shah Alam and our main office is located at Secondary school at section 20 Shah Alam. Your 5 year old son still stand a chance to enter Std 1/session 2017 insyaAllah. thank you madam.

  12. wassalam, yes she may provided that she sits for an entry placement test after her std 6 exams. Now is the right time to make inquiries at our main office at section 20. You will find our our front desk receptionist will be very helpful in answering your various concerns, jzkk.

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