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    • Please feel free to contact us at 0193852941 for confirmation of the above. Parents are also advised to carpool with surrounding areas if transport is not available.
      Thank you.

      • salam. is there any transport to and from issa to saujana utama, sg buloh (near puncak alam)

      • Wassalam. Unfortunately there is none arranged by the school, but we do have parents from such areas. They car pool.

    • Wassalam wm wb
      Puan, Kindly contact our office staff as provided on our website and they will gladly help furnish you with information such as car pooling or school vans available in that area. Thank you.

    • Wassalam puan. Registration for Std 1/2015 is open. You may drop in your inquiry to our Admissions Staff Puan HAwa at the available numbers on our website. We apologise the school do not provide transport from house to house basis. Transport is only available for our Hostel students to section 3 Shah Alam. However, there are transporters available you may wish to contact and carpool with nearby parents? Thank you.

    • Cheras is such a long way from Shah Alam. I’m afraid there aren’t any available willing transporters yet to and fro Cheras. Thank you so much for your confidence in us.

    • Subang Bistari U5 is quite a distance away from us.However, your interest in us is much appreciated. Please call up our school numbers to confirm of transport availability. Thank you.

    • Wassalam madam/puan. Admissions will depend on availability in those classes which may only be determined by November after all present parents have confirmed their re-enrollment for the year 2014. But you are much advised to come and visit our Admissions Dept and fill in the application forms and we will follow through diligently after. Thank you.

  1. Assalamualaikum, jez wanna know whether for Year 1/2014 still open? We’re staying at Klang, any transport available? Thank you…

    • Wassalam. I’m afraid all place in primary 1 have been fully occupied. Admissions process had been done since June 2013. However, in 2015, there might still a chance for your daughter to enter Primary 2 when we move to our new premise in Section 7 insyaAllah. Thank you.

  2. Salam,

    can i do a visit to your center and gather further information aboous ISSA? can i register for Year 1 2015? Any transport to/from setia alam?

  3. Salam.. My son is study in lil caliphs cyberjaya. I really interested to send my son to your school. Any plan to open it in cyberjaya,bangi, kajang or putrajaya in future? If I want to send my kid to your school in Shah Alam, do you have any transport for him? We stay in bangi – kajang area. Hope you can assist us in this matter because we really want him to further his studies from little caliphs to ISSA.

    Many thanks

    • Wassalam. We are flattered that IISSA is your choice for your child’s continous growth. But IISSA do not have any plans to open up any school around there yet. Neither do we have any transport too from Bangi nor Kajang daily. Perhaps some day Allah will grant us that wish to extend our services there insyaAllah. jzkk

  4. Assalamualaikum..
    Would like to know when is the registeration for standard 1 year 2015 will start and do they have to go thru a test to be choose. Please also advice the school time.thank you in advance for the reply.

    • Wassalamua’laikum puan. We have actually almost closed applications for Year 1 2015. Applications were open from early 2014 and closed end of May, 2014. You are required to come and fill in our Applications Form, and enclosed your child’s birth certificate and picture, and parents’s IC to complete the applications procedure. Do call our office to ensure you will be attended, we are open from 8.30am to 4pm, thank you.

  5. assalama alekum brother im intrested to get places for my children in ISSA but we are living in england ,and my plan is to move in malaysia ,can you help me for that, jazakallah
    the second is the languege ,malay or english,jazakallah

    • Wassalam. We do welcome you to IISSA but we do not issue out Study visas to enable their parents to stay in. Instead we do admit in students if their parents do have a working permit as legal entry.
      Our first language is English while Malay is our national language. Waiyyakum

  6. Salam, may i knw if this school hv move to section 7 or still in section 4 ? ask on behalf of my friends which is stay at setia alam. Does hv transportation provided to go to and from setia alam?

    • Wassalam. No puan. We are located now at Section 19 Shah Alam. There are parents staying around Setia Alam car pooling their children, but not too sure of any bus transporters from around there. thank you

  7. Salam
    I would like to know do u have transport to sungai bulho. I am planning to get admission of my kids( 2 kids) in your school.
    I will be waitinh for your reply.

    Kind Regards,
    Nauman khokhar

  8. Assalamualaikum..
    I would like to register my son for Standard 1/2016. But i am quite confuse with the actual time for registration. I have read a few comments from administrator saying that the registration already started last June. I went to the school last July to register but according to the PIC the registration only start in Feb 2015. Recently, i did call the school as well and the lady telling me the same thing. I just do not want to miss the registration. Please clarify.Tq

  9. Assalamualaikum..

    My daughter is studying at Little Caliphs seksyen 7 s.alam,I would like to know when is the enrollment for Year 1/2016? Do the student has to undergo any test or examination?

    What about transit after school, do the school provide that kind of service or propose any transit services nearby,as we’re stay at Seksyen 8, S.Alam.

    • Wassalam puan. You should make haste to register him early next year before May 2015. Please present yourself to IISSA and fill in our Application forms and bring along your son’s birth cert and parent’s IC . The school will later arrange for a placement test somewhere in August.
      Yes there are a few transport operators within section 7. Please make enquiries upon your presence while making your applications. Thank you

    • Registration for primary 1/2017 will be opened as soon as school reopens and to close around may, 2016. But parents are advised to apply early due to limited place here, jazakillahu khoiran katheera on your inquiry.

  10. Assalamualaikum,

    May I know the age for children to enrol? Do ISSA open for kindergarten (Age 4-6)?
    If yes, kindly provide the school fee package for kindergarten.
    Do you provide the transportation area USJ 2, Subang Jaya? Thanks

    • Wassalam, Age for primary 1 is 7 years old. We do not have pre school here at IISSA. And apologies, we domnot have transportation to USJ2 Subang Jaya. But we are just some 10 minutes away and many parents send their children daily from there. Thank you.

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