Academic curriculum are formulated according to the level of developmental achievement on cognitive, affective and psycho-motor depending on student’s age. To complement and reinforce the academic curriculum, co-curricular activities are activated. The objective of co-curricular activities are:

  • To develop akhlaq and self-discipline.
  • To develop leadership qualities and social awareness.
  • To develop excellency in knowledge.

The Curricular and Co-curricular offered at ISSA:

  • Hafazan of Surah in the Al-Quran.
  • The development of language: English, Malay and Arabic.
  • Mathematics: Problem solving using numeracy strategy.
  • Introducing the world around us through Science and SIGNS of Allah.
  • Arts and crafts are used to develop creativity and right brain development.
  • Teaches the children daily Du’a applied in our life.
  • Islamic Studies: Akhlaq, Seerah, Fiqh, Tauheed, and Aqeedah.
  • Understanding Al-Quran and Hadeeth.
  • Young Genius Computer Pioneer Program.
  • Martial Arts and Swimming Lessons.
  • Social Studies and ENvironmental Awareness.
  • Sutends’ Daily Assessment on Academic and Akhlaq.
  • Multi path and Multi-dimensional methods of learning: Multiple intelligences, Cross curricular and whole brain based techniques.
  • Accelerated learning.

Education Level and Exam:

  • The subjects taught at this level will fulfill the syllabus as laid down by the New Curriculum for Primary Schools by the Malaysian Ministry of Education, MOE (KSSR & KBSM).
  • Examinations to fulfill at end of primary year: UPSR & JSLA
  • Examinations to fulfill at end of secondary year: SPM & IGCSE

50 thoughts on “Curriculum

    • Wassalam, regretfully, IISSA only offers children aging 6 as minimum entry level. 5+ will still be acceptable depending on achievement level of your child. 2013 will be a good year to try him again.
      Please feel free to read on regarding our Curriculum and information made available on this website..
      Thank you.

    • Regretfully, IISSA only offers children aging 6 as minimum entry level. 5+ will still be acceptable depending on achievement level of your child. 2013 will be a good year to try him again.

      Please see our Fee Structure to answer your next query.
      Thank you.

  1. Assalamu’alaikum
    Tuan Puan

    saya MOHD AMIR HAFIZ bin SAIBANI, (pelajar tahun akhir diploma interior design Uitm Seri Iskandar Perak dan saya juga merupakan penduduk Seksyen 19/9 Shah Alam) ingin membuat penyelidikan tentang HIASAN DALAMAN I.S.S.A

    Dengan ini saya dengan rasa rendah dirinya berhajat sekiranya saya dapat berjumpa dengan Tuan dalam masa terdekat ini.

    Bersama permohonan ini saya sertekan nombor telefon saya, 010 – 4258177

    Segala kerjasama dan timbangrasa tuan amat dihargai.

  2. Assalamualaikum….
    i looked foward to send my son to IISA. But he did not have strong background on islamic education…previously he studied at kindergarden Qdees… Is’it the placement test are very straight on that… TQ

    Norlela Harun

    • Wassalam wm wb.
      If you meant to enter him to Std One for 2013, it is with deep regret our classes are fully registered. But I would advise you to register him anyway for KIV students, and for 2014 Std 2 student, as we will open more classes then, insyaaAllah. Thank you.

  3. Assalamuaalaikum,
    My son has turned 6, this February 2013. I am looking into good Islamic schools in Malaysia, and I had met a sister from IISA who visited Bangladesh two-three years ago. I would like my son to start IISA from the next term. Which grade would you recommend? How would I go about his admission? Please help.

    • Wassalam, Thank you for your vote of confidence. Indeed it would be a pleasure to assist you, only we are not able to issue students visas yet. It would only be possible for your son to study at IISSA if you are here yourself under students’ or working pass. Thank you.

  4. Assalamualaikum,

    I would like to know whether 2014 placement has already opened for registration? My daughter turns to 7 years in 2014.


    • Wassalam, yes we are already open for Std 1 registration and would advise you to come personally to our school to fill in forms and seek further admissions requirements. Thank you.

  5. Assalamualaikum…

    My daughter has turns to 7 yrs in 2015. I would like to know whether 2015 placement has already open for registration? Pls advice. Thank you.

    • Wassalamu a’laikum wm wb. Thank you for choosing IISSA for your daughter’s primary educational institution. Applications for Std 1 intake of 2015 is open and please come over to our Admissions Department and fill in the necessary forms required. Once you have submitted the forms and necessary documents such as birth cert and your IC, plus a minimum processing fee of RM20, then only will you be considered eligible for our Admissions Test which will be conducted somewhere in June next year. Thank you.

  6. Sy nak tanye adakah sek ni didaftar/di bwh seliaan kem.pelajaran.?selepas darjah 6 bolehke student dr iisa ke ting 1 di mrsm atau sek men sains under KPM?

    • Sekolah ini berdaftar dengan JAIS dan dibenarkan pendaftaran dengan Kem Pelajaran. Permohonan ke MRSM adalah dengan ikhtiar ibubapa sendiri. Tidak dibenarkan ke SBP atau SMS. Maaf

  7. Salam , I would like to know weather iissa accepts student from the middle of the year , may be June in 2014 for primary 5 , as I am expecting and it would be my due .i heard that iissa does not accept new student in primary 6 ., is that true , as my son from sekolah kebangsaan , will it be ok for him to adjust in iissa , We are very much interested sending our son to iissa.please let me know ASAP , waiting for your kind reply, thank you

    • Salam puan liza. Your Question is unclear. Please come over and forward your inquiries to our Headmaster or Executive Director. Thank you

  8. Salam. I wish to enrol 4 of my sons for 2014 intake ie
    2 for Form 5, 1 for Form 3 and 1 for Form 1. Appreciate if you could advise on the registration. Thank You.

    • wassalam puan Salbiah, we shall be delighted to admit in your sons in Form 1 & form 3. However, we regret to inform you that we have no classes for Form 5 yet for academic year 2014. Please give a call to Puan Hawa ( 0193852941) or our general lines 0355122941/0355422942 and she will be happy to answer your many inquiries regarding admissions, thank you

    • Wassalam. Dailynwe have Hafazan AlQuran in the mornings and followed by classes both academic and Islamic studies integrated. Co-curricular acrivities such as Fencing, Archery,Swimming, Tae kwan do will be after school, tqvm

  9. Assalamualaikum. I would like to know whether is there any place for my child for Year 3 session 2014. Please let me know what are the requirements for entrance. I do hope that chances is still open. Hope to hear from you soon. Tq

    • Wassalam. Please come over to our admissions department immediately during office hours to seek that information. We have a re-registration policy whereby every student will need to confirm their place in the following year, failure upon doing so, theirmplace is considered vacant. But you will need to hurry doing so as soon as school closes!Tqvm

  10. AsSalam. I am interested to enrol my children for 2014 – to Form 2, Standard 4 and Standard 5. Kindly advise on the availbility. I would also wish to get information if there is any transport provider to n fro Bkt Jelutong. Many thanks.

    • Wassalam wb. Admissions into existing classes will depend on availability of present classes. You will have to enquire personally via our Admissions department Puan Hawa at 0193852941 or our general lines made available on this website. But please hasten up to avoid disappointment, as our place is very limited, thank you.

  11. Assalammualaikum wbt.
    My name is Shifa and currently I am in Australia and will be back to Shah Alam sometime next year (2014). I was just wondering, how soon can I register my child for standard 1 in ISSA? Pls advice. Thank you very much. Wassalam.

    • Wassalam wm wb. Depending on the age of your child. Primary 1 will be at the age of 7 and it would be advisable to register early to avoid full quota. All application forms must be submitted to our Admissions Department before May the year before their Primary entrance. Thank you.

  12. assalamualaikum
    I,m an Egyptian engineer ,, living in Egypt ,, want to move to shah alam and so my brother,,, we will apply in ( Malaysia is my second home program) inshaallah soon ,, we have 6 boys ,, at grades now ,, kg1(4 y &6 m) ,,, kg2 (5 y & 8 m),,, grade1 ( 6y) ,,,grade5 (10y),,,
    grade 7(12y),,,grade 9(14y) ,,,, we want to apply our kids in ur school (the next year 2015) ,,,
    when can we apply to the school?
    what are the requirements ? ( they don,t know the malay language)
    the school in Egypt starts in September and ends in june,,,, what is the start and the end date in ur school?
    notice ( there are no problems in fees)

    • Wassalam. Thank you for your many enquiries and interest in this school. You will have to be here when applying a place foryour children, as we shall need your working permit papers etc to allow them to study in this school, as our school do not issue out students visa to allow parents to work here. Our school commences early in January as our 1st term and ends in mid November of our 2nd term, in sync with our National School days.
      Your children’s grades will be assesed according to our curriculum to ensure they will fulfill our current JSLA syllabus for primary and IGCSE for secondary.
      Thank you, jzkk.

    • Wassalam. Yes I believe registration is still accepted for 2015 until further notice. Do come and fill in our application forms ASAP. Deadline is so close! Thank you

  13. assalammu’alaikum,
    Please to inform you that i am planning to send my daughter to study in Malaysia to have an islamic education. She is 12 years old and have been studied in an international school in China since kindergarten. We are keen to know about tahfiz & igcse at your school syllabus. May i know when should we make an enrollment for year 2015 intake?

    • Wassalam YM puan. Yes we welcome an early enrolment for 2015. Please feel free to fill in our registration forms. Other requirements to be enclosed will be their birth certificate /ID if Malaysian citizenship, parents particulars such as ID. However, we only provide boarding for Tahfiz classes for boys only. JZKK

    • We are so sorry that our classes for Std 1 for 2015 school session are already full in quota. Applications for Std 1 enrolment starts way back early this year and closed by May 2014. Thank you

    • Wassalam. Arabic and Jawi will be a part of the curriculum. However, the books that had been chosen will arrive late. Upon its arrival, parents will be notifued. Jzkk

  14. Assalam,
    Just want to confirm, If student 14 years old want to seat to form 1 secondary school (year 7) Are ISSA will accept on that condition?

  15. السلام عليكم
    Greetings. I have a 5 y.o. child and we are searching for a primary school to be entolled in 2017 (then 7 y.o.).Kindly could you state the requirements and pre-requisites to be accepted as your student. And it shall be goid also if you enlighten me on the process (registration flow, etc)

    Thank you in advance.=)

    • Wassalam, Thank you for considering our school for your child. The enrolment procedure required will be as follows:
      1. Fill in our applications forms at our school office. A small registration fee is required as commitment. Copies of documents required will be your child’s birth certificate, parents identity documents such as ICs or passports. Deadline to fill in forms will be before end of May or June, 2016 for 2017 intake.
      2. By mid july, you will be notified to attend an Admissions Test which usually take place by early August. Tests will be on Reading, Writing and Quran reading abilities.
      3. By 30th October, offers will be issued and confirmation will be required to ensure of a seat for 2017.
      3. By mid November school holidays, parents may purchase books and uniforms all available on a certain period of time at school.
      Thank you.

  16. I am an Egyptian, and I live in Malaysia, my son is now five years old, can he enroll in this year?
    Also do you teacher maths and science in English or in Malaysian language?
    Also how many hours daily the school is?

    • Wassalam. We will open for Std 1 /2017 registration sometime in February next year. You may come and fill in our application forms then. We do not admit in five year old for std 1. They have to be at least 6 years. FYI, our medium is English. School hours is from 7.45 am to 3.30pm, Jazakallahu khairon kathira.

  17. Assalamualaikum. My son is currently studying in national school – standard 1. Can he continue his standard 2 in year 2 IISSA? Please advise. Thank you!

  18. Assalamualaikum;

    I would like to know how to register my childrens at this school? Currently both of my children is studying at SRI ABIM Sg. RAMAL Bangi.

    In next yeat insyaAllah i will move my office to Glenmarie and will stay at Seksyen 7 Shah Alam.

    Really hope to get your feedback on the details about the school and the procedure to roll in.

    Thank you
    Faza Al Farisi
    019 612 1902

    • Wassalam wm. wb.
      Thank you on your inquiry. If you are still interested, it would be advisable to call on our school admissions department and make inquiries as soon as possible. By now, vacancies in certain classes have been confirmed. Since you have not stated what years are your children in, best to call our school numbers direct. Jzkk

Send us your feedback. Thank you.

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