Fees Structure effective January 2017

NOTE: *All monthly fees are to be paid from January to November only)

Fees Structure for Level 1 (Year 1 – 3)

  1. Processing fee                                        RM 100
  2. Registration Fees                                  RM 300.00
  3. Annual Fees                                            RM 700.00
  4. Computer Program                               RM 200.00
  5. Co-curriculum fees                              RM 100.00
  6. School Monthly Fees                            RM 630.00 *( Meals inclusive)

Fees Structure for Level 2 (Year 4 – 6)

  1. Processing fees                                       RM 100.00
  2. Annual Fees                                             RM 700.00
  3. Computer Program                               RM 320.00
  4. Co-curriculum Fees                             RM 100.00
  5. School Monthly Fees                          RM 630.00 * (Meals inclusive)
  6. UPSR Class                                            RM 100 Monthly* (Std 6 only)

Fees Structure for Secondary Level 

  1. Processing Fees                                       RM 100.00
  2. Registration Fees                                   RM 300.00
  3. Annual Fees                                              RM 900.00
  4. Computer program                                RM 380.00
  5. Co-curriculum Fees                               RM 100.00
  6. School Monthly Fees                             RM 765.00* (Meals inclusive)
  7. Boarding + Meals (tahfiz only)           RM 400.00*
  8. IGCSE Class (Form 4&5 only)               RM 200.00

151 thoughts on “Fees Structure effective January 2017

  1. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    What is the normal schooling hours at ISSA? How many student per classroom ie. student teacher ratio?

    Thank you.

    • Assalamualaikum Pn Hani.

      I’m sorry but we have reach our maximum intake for all level.
      Please call the school for latest updates of students admissions. Thank you.

  2. As salam Puan.

    My daughter is in pre tahfiz pre school under Al Ikhlas, Cambridge. I would like to enrol my daughter at integrated school, and very interested on ISSA. May I know, when shall I register my kid, is it when she reach 6 years old or I have to wait until she’s 7. Will there be any assestment for her before the school decided to take her in?

    • Assalamualaikum Pn Norliza,

      You need to register her before she reach 7 years old.
      We will be posting the dates for new registration (school session 2013) in this website.
      Keep yourself update to dates and don’t miss it because we have only limited capacity to be filled each year.
      After the registration, we will be assessing your child with a placement test.
      The test is just see the children’s ability to read, write, and calculate in English and Bahasa Malaysia.
      They will also be tested on the ability to read and write in Jawi and Arabic.

  3. Assalamu’alaikum wbt,

    Regarding monthly fees payment through online, can I just e-mail to you the proof of payment rather than go to your admin office and submit manually?

    Thank you.

  4. Asalam,

    I am planning to move from australia to shah alam. I have 4 kids and their ages are 8, 6, 5, 3. We don’t speak Bahasa. They do know arabic but very limited. Is it too late to enrol or not? I wan’t to really make changes in my life so my children can be raised under the influence of a solid muslim society.

    • Assalamualaykum…
      Interested to know your answers to En Mohammed queries as I am in a situation of moving from australia to malaysia. Looking forward to register my children under Malaysia Islamic school

      • Wassalam,
        As with all students who comes in without our basic curriculum, they have to sit our Entry Placement Test to qualify. However, parents must have a legal visa entry and a work permit to enable your children study in this school. Having fulfilled that, Please contact us immediately for an appointment.

        We do look forward to having you here too.
        Thank you.

    • Wassalam, Maklumat lanjut berkenaan pre-requisites dan entry test ke sekolah ini boleh didapati dari Staff admin/contacts atau 0193852941. Tempat untuk ke drjah 4, 2013 masih tinggal beberapa tempat saja lagi. Sila hubungi pihak admin dengan seberapa segera? Terima Kasih.

    • Wassalam, so sorry this reply comes late. As with all students who comes in without our basic curriculum, they have to sit our Entry Placement Test to qualify.
      Please contact us for an appointment. Thank you.

    • Wassalam, regretfully, IISSA only offers children aging 6 as minimum entry level. 5+ will still be acceptable depending on achievement level of your child. 2013 will be a good year to try him again.
      Please feel free to read on regarding our Curriculum and information made available on this website..
      Thank you.

  5. Assalam,
    i live in Senawang, NS. i’d like to enrol my son to the secondary school. i’d be grateful if you could furnished me with these items
    1. current fee structure
    2. uniform: where to buy, and price
    3. your curricullum structure
    4. boarding infrastructure
    dr Hanapi Mohd Tahir

    • Wassalam Dr Hanapi,
      Integrated Islamic School Shah Alam is a private primary and secondary (with Tahfidz) education institution, upholding its philosophy that is based on Tauhid, resulting in a system of education that is holistic, integrated and balanced approach.

      The school curriculum is customised to suit the students’ achievements and progress in their affective, cognitive and psychomotor skills. The students study path is customised according to your choice, with IGCSE and SPM as final examinations in their final secondary education.

      Secondary Fee Structure;
      Registration- RM 300
      Yearly: RM 700
      Monthly – RM 600 (+food)
      Hostel (compulsory if in Tahfiz program) – RM 300
      (Please also refer our Fee Structure for current updates)

      Boarding/Hostel is available for Boys and Girls Tahfiz programme if preferred, at separate bungalow venues at Section 4 and Section 3 Shah Alam consecutively.

      Uniforms and books are available upon confirmation available at IISSA, insyaAllah.

      Please feel free to meet us at IISSA during office hours this school holidays and we’ll be happy to brief you in person. Call: 019-3852941, Puan Norazian to fix your appointment, Thank you.

  6. First of all , thank you for the reply….i have one question…if the minimum age is 6 year old…why your advertise start from 1 year old..

    • Where did you get this “advertisement” about us saying entry level is 1 year old? Perhaps we have overlooked and should rectify that immediately, thank you.

    • Assalamualaikum. Anak saya akan berumur 7thn pada 2016. Boleh saya registerkan anak saya pada tahun hadapan (2015) supaya dia dpt tempat darjah 1 di IISA ini?

      • wassalam. Kemasukan bagi tahun 2016 akan mula dibuka pada Januari 2015. Sila hadir ke pejabat dan isi Borang Permohonan Kemasukan murid Darjah 1. Terima kasih.

  7. I’ve called your office regarding registration fee/payment on 29 nov 2012 and your staff reply your office is closed on weeked and biz as usual on weekday. However thr office will close by 4 pm during school holiday. The message is clear office will close by 4 pm.

    Decided to pay the payment and rush to your office before 4 pm. Thank god i arrived at 330pm and your gate is completely closed and the same number i dial just keep ringing 0355422941. A few parents are having the same issues with me on 29 nov 2012

    Please keep your promises. Thank you

    • Assalamua;aikum, We are so sorry you have been inconvenienced. We are open until 4pm during school holidays. We have to keep our gate closed all times due to security reasons, but the guard should be available during those times. Thank you

  8. Assalamu alaikum wa rahtmatullahi barakathu
    My family and I want to move to malaysia for studying and we have 6 year old daughter, can she join the school? She knows so.e arabic and has memoorized some surahs. we currently reside in canada. JazakAllah

    • Wassalam wm wb
      If you meant you yourself wishing to further your study, and wishing to enroll your 6-year old daughter next year in Std One 2014, YES, definitely you may do so.. Please give us your details, and we will book a place for your daughter in Std One 2014. But you must also furnish your students permit too along.
      Thank you for choosing us for your child”s education.

  9. Assalammualikum,
    Saya ingin bertanya berkenaan pengambilan girl student di ISSA ,saya akan pulang bercuti on June 2013 with all my 4 kids ,saya ingin memohon untuk memasukkan anak perempuan saya berumur 13yrs turn 14yrs next year.Soalannya adakah boleh for my daughter untuk belajar just for 3 month and we will back to Dublin Ireland again after that. She never been to any School in Malaysia.I like her to learn more about true Quran and Aqidah as pure Muslim person.Saya menghantar anak saya mempelajari Al-Quran dan Islamic class di sini ,tetapi saya risau dengan environment dan culture di sini.Jazakallah Khir.

    • Wassalamua’laikum wm wb
      It sounds like a temporary stay that you are needing for your daughter. We have Tahfiz classes that will focus much on memorizing and Understanding the Quran plus some academic classes of Mathematics and Sciences. But Tahfiz students are required to stay in boarding, as this facilitates learning and accelerates their memorization better. Perhaps when you are back in June, you should come pay us a visit? Thank you and wishing you and family all the best in your search.

  10. Salam..
    My son is 14 with no tahfiz background except for PSRA in his primary years. I really interested if he could join ISSA and pursue his studies not only in academic, dinniyah abut also tahfiz. Hope for further information.
    Thank you

    • Wassalam puan, Of course your son stands a chance to join us at IISSA! We may customise your son;s study path such that he will be able to join our Tahfiz program and later sit for his IGCSE and SPM. Feel free to call us at our general lines for an appointment with Puan Sabariah Faridah or Teacher Azmir to your available time and insyaAllah you will still have time to do that this year! Thank you!

  11. Assalamualaikum. I have two kids age 5 & 6. Wish to send them to your school.
    Could you please advise me accordingly on the requirement and monthly fees.

    • Wassalam, Kindly call us at our general line 0355122941/0355422941 or come to our office and fill in our applications forms for 2014 admissions. It is also good if you could enter them to Little Caliphs Kindergartens as their medium is also in English and should be easy them to follow our Primary syllabus later..Thank you.

  12. As Salam o alikom Iam Pakistani I want to admit my child hi is age is 8y now hi is in Pakistan he is mother come with him but problem for how I gotit visa prosis can u do it for visa pas or any imgrtion rules I folw if possible for hi start her shcoll thanks best regard Muhammad faisak

    • Wassalam, We regret to say we do not issue student’s visa to enable you to join your children here. On the other hand, if you have a legal visa and working permit here, then your children are allowed to study here at IISSA. Thank you.

  13. As salam,
    I would like to register my son for standard 1 in 2014. Really hope that we will be able to join ISSA. i hv several questions like
    1- is the registration still open? I believe the booking cum registration fee is rm300 so this is the only amount that we need to pay immediately, yes?
    2- i understand that future student will hv to sit for
    preliminary exam. What if the student fails?
    3- from the information provided, the school ended on 3.30pm. Do u hv additional activities i.e. Taekwondo class or kelas membaca Quran frm 3.30 to 6.30? Tq

    • Wassalam,
      Q1. Yes, it is still open for 2014 insyaa Allah. Booking fees is RM300 only
      Q2. You can appeal immediately upon knowing your child’s result. However, it is to be a very basic reading and writing assesment in ensuring the child’s potentials
      Q3. Yes, all co-curricular activities will be after school hours. However, it is probably just a once a week or once a fortnight for Primary students.
      Thank You.

  14. assalamualaikum,
    is there any requirements to enroll my daughter here? like hafazan? both of us (parents) currently studying in japan and our kids only study Islamic values, iqra’,praying and fundamental Islamic knowledge/values from us. is it enough to enter the primary school?

    • Wassalamua’laikum wm,
      Masyaa Allah, that should be enough but it would be most appropriate if you could incorporate some Reading and Writing to ensure your child will not be left behind in his/her Primary One. Thank You.

  15. assalamualaikum,

    i would like to know if you did provide day care after 330 pm since I can only fetch my daughter around 6pm++. On top of that, is there any transport service that you provide to shah alam area? Appreciate to hear reply from you.

    Thank you.

    • Wassalam,
      I’m afraid we DO NOT have transit or day-care services yet due to our logistics short-comings. However, we do have stay in Guard that will be around till 6pm. But it will be not be good for your child without proper after care to be there until 6++. Please seek advice from our admin front desk, Pn Azaila for further details? Thank you.

  16. Assalamualaikum.
    I am from Singapore. Can I enrol my 3 children age 9, 11, 12 in your school? Me and my spouse are on social passes. We are not working here, but, would like our children to study islamic here. Thank you.

    • Wassalam. I’m afraid it would be burdensome to enrol your children under a social pass. It is easier to enrol with their parents students or work pass, otherwise they will be required to renew their social passes every few months or so. Wallahua’lam. Thank you.

  17. Assalamualaikum Puan/Tuan,

    Saya mempunyai anak perempuan berumur 6 tahun pada tahun 2013..dan berminat untuk mendaftar pada tahun 2014, pada darjah satu ..adakah tempat masih ada untuk di isi? bagaimana dengan yuran yang perlu di sediakan. Anak saya telah mengikuti kelas di liitle caliph sejak berumur 3 tahun lagi. Sekian

    • Wassalamualaikum. Kemasukan Murid bagi tahun 2014 telah ditutup. Placement Test akan di adakan pada bulan Jun ini. Sebaiknya jika ingin membuat rayuan sila ke Bahagian Admissions secepat yang mungkin. Untuk makluman, murid Little Caliphs bukan secara otomatik terus menempah tempat di IISSA. Terima Kasih.

    • Wassalam. Pengambilan Kemasukan 2014 telah ditutup pada bulan Mei. Placement Test akan dibuat pada bulan Jun. Sila ke kaunter Admissions berjumpa Puan Hawa untuk sebarang pertanyaan. Terima Kasih.

  18. assalamualaikum,
    I have 9 y.o son and 7 y.o daughter which now studying in private islamic school in Klang.Due to some problem, I would like to enroll my kids in ISSA this coming 2nd semester.Could you advised me accordingly the procedure,fees and requirement. Thank you

    • Wassalam puan. I’m afraid you will still need to make personal inquiries on availability of each of your children’s classes to our Admissions dept Puan Hawa. Entrance Fees and procedures inquiries can also be made there. Thank you.

  19. Salam,
    I am very sad with my daughters attitude towards religion and their environment at the current school (one in a private school and the other one in the national school) does not help them to become a true muslimah. Therefore, I would like to enrol them in your school hoping Allah will give them hidayah and with the help from brothers and sisters, I hope the change will come.
    Please let me know whether you would accept students with little religious knowledge background (yes, they know how to pray and read the quran) to attend your school next year (2014). I have one who is in Form 3 now and one is in Form 1. If you can accept them, I will inform their school of my intention to move them out from the existing school by year end.

    Thank you.

    • Wassalam. It is indeed very challenging growing up as teenagers these days, and Alhamdulillah parents such as yourself is one of Allah’s blessings indicating His love prevails for every of His servants.
      IISSA however is only available currently for Form 2 and Form 1. However, we do have a Tahfiz and Academic class whereby some of our students are of 15 years old but enrolled in Form 2 classes.
      Please do come and discuss your intentions with our Headmaster Teacher Azmir, and find the best course of studies for your children.
      Thank You.

  20. SALAM
    I am interested in sending my son age 11 next year 2014 in primary 5 ,because we are planning to move down to Shah Alam next year,May I know is the seats available,and can he co op with the new environment,and may i know ,what will be the enrolment assesment be for primary 5 student.When it should be right time for me to register him at ISSA.thank you

    • Wassalam puan. Availability to enroll in Primary 5 will only be known at end of the year after our re-enrollment procedures are cleared. However, you may still need to fill in applications Form available at our school Admissions Dept if you are still interested and wish to be notified on availability. Thank you for your interest in IISSA.

    • Dear Sir, please refer to all postings regarding Form 1 intake which will be very soon this weekend. Kindly also refer to the FEES Structure already displayed on the website too. Thank you.

  21. Assalamualaikum wr wb,
    May I know when will be the latest day for registrtion for 2014 intake? I hope it is not too late for my twins. I have two sons that currently still in Pre school in Sek 23. I sent a comment/question asking the same thing a week ago but unfortunately still no feedback yet though.
    What are the documents required? We are Indonesian. I hold an employment visa here while my family are in dependent pass. I am preparing the student visa for them for this purpose.

    Really appreciate the feedback.

    Nicky Muhammad Ali

    • Wassalam. I have already replied to your mail sometime back. Please refer to your mailbox. I’m afraid we have processed Admissions for 2014 Std 1 intake. This year we received 130 applications and we are taking in 88 only. Thank you for your kind interest.

    • Wassalam. My apologies puan. We do not take special children as we do not have the expertise handling them. However, we wish you all the best and may Allah ease your path raising him/her.

  22. i would like to know what are the co curriculum provided?
    tuesday is declared as sportd day in ur place.what are the activities for the kids?
    what is qualification for your acdemic team ? ist they really qualified?
    hows your academic achievement?

    mom concern

    • As Salaam mum concern, further inquiries such as details of sports and co-curricular activities as in the time table may be forwarded to the various class teachers via communication book or via Executive Director Puan Sabariah Faridah. It varies from Std 1 to 6 and secondary.

      FYI, all our academic staff holds a minimum basic degree in various discipline as minimum qualifying level . At IISSA, we do continous inhouse training such as pedagogy, teaching methods and techniques to ensure our students gets the best of our IHES education principles. Thank you.

  23. Salam. saya berminat nak enrol anak perempuan saya yg sekarang ini dlm tingkatan 3 di sekolah biasa. Anak saya tidak pernah pegi ke sekolah agama dan dia hanya belajar menggaji dgn Ustaz. Disini saya ingin bertanya adakah dia layak utk bersekolah di Sekolah ini? Saya berharap di sekolah ini dpt membantu menjadikan anak saya seorang yg beriman, menghormati org tua dan bole membentuk peribadi yg mulia.Terima kasih

    • wassaalam puan Aloyah, puan perlu hadir ke sekolaah bertemu dengan Teacher Azmir Acting Headmaster untuk bertanyakan hal tersebut. Buat masa ini pelajar tertinggi berada di dalam Tingkatan 2 tetapi ada dikalangan mereka yang berusia 15 tahun, kerana ingin mengikuti program QGDP yang mwenggabungkan Pengajian Tahfiz dan juga akademik.

  24. Hi, Assalamualaikum,

    as the school hour is ended at 3.30, is there any other activity in the afternoon after class (i.e: extra class / swimming lessons etc) that you have for your student.

    • wassalamualaikum wm. Yes we do have our co- curricular activities such as swimming, fencing, tae kwan do held at school grounds, and over the weekend, we have archery, and TKRS (Tunas Kadet Remaja Sekolah) for the upper primary and secondary level. Thank you.

  25. Salam,
    I have a 7years old son currently school at sek keb. I’m thinking of sending him to islamic school.Can he join ISSA on his standard 2?what is the procedure?tq

    • Wassalam. Thank you for your interest. I’m afraid classes for year 2/2014 are full. However, you can still try fill up our applications forms to be on queue for immediate vacancy. tqvm.

    • Wassalam, yes puan. The fees had been restructured to be paid in full till November only. Please refer to our letter to parents sent early this year. Thank you.

  26. Assalamualaikum,

    Saya berminat untuk menghantar anak saya yang berumur hampir 2 tahun ke sekolah ini untuk kemasukan 2014. Adakah pendaftaran masih dibuka? dan berapa kos pembayaran yang akan dikenakan?.

    • Wassalam. Kami hanya menerima pelajar berusia 6 tahun atau 5 jika telah pandai membaca dan berjaya melalui beberapamujian kemasukan. IISSA ialah sebuah Sekolah dan bukan Taska.

    • Wassalam Datin linda, Registration fees is RM300/- per student. January school fees will have to be paid before the 7th of January. However upon confirmation, you will need to pay the yearly fees amount of RM500 too. Tqvm.

  27. Assalamu alaikum,I am Fatima I have 2 kids 10 and 6yrs respectively, pls is there any vacancy for 2014? because one of them is at government school and am not really satisfied with the school, so am requesting if there is any provision for my children. thanks

    • Wassalam puan. May I suggest you meet our Headmaster Teacher Faizal Junid as we believe there might be a few more vacancies available now. Please hasten and come over immediately? Thank you

  28. Assalammualaikum…
    i just get to kwow about your school…
    i’ve been looking for school that provide islamic education and international education incoperate malaysian curriculum…my son is 13 years old in secondary 1 now
    Is there a vacancy for him and do u also provide hostel…

    • Wassalam. We do have boarding facilities for those in QGDP (Quranic Generation Development Programme). You may come visit us and see our Secondary Headmaster Teacher Azmir who may explain you further? Thank you.

  29. Assalamualaikum ISSA,
    Do you have any contact of Bus/ Van from scholl to puchong, Putra Perdana?
    My daughter 5 yrs old, would like to join for next year intake but is there’s school Bus send her back to Puchong as I am unavailble to fetch her,working and the montly Fee is it RM500 net per month?

    • Wassalam. We only accepts 6 and 7 years old as minimum age entry to Primary One. I’m afraid there is no bus to that direction but there are parents living nearby your area. Car pooling is an option perhaps. Thank you.

  30. salam…
    i would like to know about the fees of RM200 for NCC computer program in level 1, is it to be paid monthly or annually? thanks in advance for your reply..

  31. Assa;amualaikum IISA
    adakah pendaftaran telah dibuka untuk tahun satu Tahun 2016? dan bagaimana caranya untuk mendaftar? Saya tinggal di Taman Sri Andalas, Klang adakah pengangkutan disediakan di kawasan saya?

    • Wassalam. Pendaftaran untuk 2016 masih dibuka. Tiada bas ke Taman Sri Andalas buat masa ini, tetapi kemungkinan pada tahun 2016 siapa kan tahu. Insyaallah

  32. Salam IISSA

    I am looking for an islamic school for my boys (primary 1) when they turn 6 soon. We are Singaporeans and we are willing to re-locate to M’sia once we find a suitable school. We will not be working/studying in M’sia though. Will that pose any problem enrolling my boys into your school? Since we will neither have work permit nor student visa.

    • Wassalam. Yes I’m afraid that will be difficult for any schools to admit your sons in as we do require a legal working permit as legal entry and staying visa. Neither do have hostel for 6 year olds too. We deeply apologise for that. Thank you.

  33. Salam,

    Do you accept students with special needs eg. Asperger? I’m looking for an Islamic oriented school that’s susceptible to these kind of children.


  34. Assalam.o.alkium,

    I have a request, please open a branch in northern region especially in Penang, there are many foreigners badly affected after the government decided to change teaching maths in science in BM, same goes to locals many of them understands the importance of English in today’s world and wants to send their kids to English medium school with Islamic teaching. Please consider this, InsyALLAH you will get all barakah from Allah subhan watala, as you will be helping many Muslim parents.

    • Wassalam. Thank you for your encouragement. We will do this once we have proven IISSA is a successful education system once our students have completed their IGCSE, Jazakallahu khairan kathira

  35. Salam,
    I would like to know do u have seats available in kg2 and grade 2. I m planning to register kids (age 4 years and 9months in kg2, 6 years 11 months in year 2.).
    Furthermore I would like to know how much all to gather we have to pay at the time of admission, are we allowed to deposit monthly fees each month instead of term fee.

  36. Assalamualaikum

    Pendaftaran untuk tingakatan satu utk tahun 2015 masih buka..? Buat masa ini kami berada diluar negara kerana percutian dan akan kembali pada 30/12/2014. Dan syllabus ikut syllabus seperti sekolah kerajaan atau syllabus sekolah international

    • Wassalam. Kemasukan (admissions) ke sekolah ini bergantung kepada kekosongan. Tempat adalah terhad kerana polisi setiap kelas hanya 20 murid. C
      Kurikulum adalah berdasarkan IHES (integrated &holistik) dan pelajar akan menduduki IGCSE pada akhir persekolahan. Murid juga boleh pilih SPM sebagai option. Terima kasih

  37. Assalamualaikum. Ana saya bukan warga negara, sekarang masih belajar di sk darjah 2, sekiranya pihak issa blh menguruskan visa pelajar yg boleh cover ibu sebagai penjaganya maka saya niat nak daftarkan anak saya…harap diberi respon segera wa jazaakum Allah khayran

    • Wassalam. Pihak IISSA tidak mengeluarkan visa pelajar untuk melayakkan “coverage” penjaga. Untuk makluman kelas untuk kemasukan tahun ini dalam darjah 2 dan 3 sudah pun penuh. Harap maaf dan terima kasih.

  38. Assalamu”alaikum,
    Saya ada anak bersekolah di SK darjah 5 dan SMK form 1, bila saya nak pindahkan ke sekolah ISSA sekarang masih bolehkah? terima kasih

  39. Assalamualaikum,

    Good day, actually looking for a school for my son who’s turning 6 next year. He’s currently in little caliph platinum in sek 7. can he enrol at 6 y/o or he needs to wait till he is 7? is there any pre-requisite test? how do i go about to enrol him either for 2016 or 2017 session?

    • Wassalam puan, (So very sorry to have overlooked this message earlier)
      You have to come over as soon as school reopens after our Raya holidays (22.7.15) to fill in our Application Forms and get details of our Placement Test soon to be held to shortlist all applicants for Std1/ 2016 session. Place is limited to 100 only while applications have reached almost 200. Thank you.

  40. Assalam,

    May I know the fees for IGCSE….is it a full course of IGCSE or ISSA only provide tuition for IGCSE? Do you provide hostel as well for IGCSE?

    Thank you and warm regards.


    • Wassalam. Our secondary school fees cover IGCSE syllabus puan. However, registration to sit for IGCSE fees require a different set of fees depending on how many subjects to be taken. The cost per subject will be updated upon signing up. Hostel will be provided for Tahfiz/QGDP) programme only. Thank you.

    • Wassalam, Fees for IGCSE classes is the same monthly fees you will be paying for your child’s education at IISSA. However if you are referring to the IGCSE exam fees, then that will depends on the IGCSE BOD appointed by Univ Of Cambridge in Malaysia. It sets the fees according to the number of subjects your child wish to register/sit. No, we do not have boarding facilities for IGCSE. Oir boarding will be only for our Tahfiz/Quranic Generation Development Program. Please come over and get more information from our Academic team at our school. Thank you.

  41. Hello, I want to ask if the about the above fees, are they to be paid once a year? When exactly at the begning? And do they apply to non-Malaysians to foreigners? Thank you I await your reply

    • Registration Fees and Annual Fees are to be paid upon signing in usually by early November when students are to confirm for the following school year seesion. Monthly fees on the other hand will be required to be paid before the 7th day of each month. Yes, our fee structure is applicable to both Malaysians and foreigners. Thank you.

  42. Salam.

    Nak tanya, masih boleh daftar tak tahun 1 kemasukan 2016?

    Saya telah terlepas peluang untuk daftar kan anak.

    Untuk makluman, anak saya sekarang bersekolah di Little Caliph Teluk Pulai.

    Mohon beri peluang.

    • Wassalam. Tuan perlu menghadirkan diri dengan kadar segera ke pejabat sekolah kami yang akan dibuka semula pada 22.7.15 untuk mengisi Borang Permohonan dan mendapatkan maklumat ujian Placement Test yang akan diadakan untuk Kemasukan 2016 tidak lama lagi. Tempat amatlah terhad kepada 100 orang murid sahaja. Yang memohon sekarang hampir 200 orang. Terima Kasih.

  43. Assalamu Alaikkum.May i know when is your accademic year start?i like to register my 12 yrs doughter to IISSA .IS it possible to register her in secondary !?pls let me know.thank you

    • Wassalam, Our academic year is the same as the usual National schools, early January. Yes of course you ard most welcomed to register your 12 yearnold to our secondary school. Please make yourself available at our Admin office at section 20 Shah Alam, and fill in our Application forms. You will be contacted soon after, thank you.

  44. Would like to enquire for next year class.my son n daughter is going to be std 4 n std 2 next year.

    Would love to know how can i enrol them in iissa?

    • Puan, it is a norm that some students will leave IISSA to join their parents abroad and as such there will be some vacancies. But those places will only be determined after our re-enrolment exercise which will be confirmed only by 30th October. It is advised that you place your applications by August and we will place you in our waiting lists. If there are any vacancies available, we will call you and your children to sit for our Admissions Test in November, 2015. Thank you.

    • Assalam puan, we are currently full for this year’s session. But there will always be occasions some will leave mid year or end of the year to join their parents abroad as such. Please make yourself available at our Admin office and fill in our applications forms and you will be placed on our waiting lists. By November when we are done with our re-enrolment exercise, we will call our waiting lists candidates to sit our Admissions test, thank you.

  45. Assalamualaikum,

    I would like to inquire if you accept students that has learning disability such as Aspergers Syndrome (ASD)? Not severe, just mild ASD. Your reply is much appreciated.


    • Wassalam, Sorry puan, we do not handle children with learning disabilities as such. We do not have professionally trained teachers for such children, our apologies. Jzkk

  46. Assalamu Alaikum.,
    My daughter studying standard 2 in India, and she is 7 years old. Can she continue with standard 3 at your school. And also let me know the formalities. Thank you.

    • Wassalam Dr asif, If accepted your child will be tested for her placement here at IISSA. You have to present yourself at our school and fill up our application forms and our admin staff will brief you on admissions. We do not give student’s visa. The will be allowed to study in IISSA using their parents VISA and work permit. Thank you

  47. Assalammualaikum puan

    Pendaftaran utk tahun 1 2016 masih di buka ke?? Sy baru dapat tau pasal sek nie..sy berminat nk masukkan anak sy…harap puan dpt bantu sy

    • Wassalam. Sekolah belum lagi naikkan yuran sekolah sejak ia ditubuhkan. Hanya bayaran makanan saja yang perlu dinaikkan disebabkan kos yang sekolah terpaksa tanggung setiap tahun. Harap maklum.

    • Book Sale will be announced officially on this website. Do look out for Whassap or messages direct from our class teachers too. Our suppliers are making arrangements to hasten up to meet our deadline. Thank you

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