Study Path For Secondary








9 thoughts on “Study Path For Secondary

  1. Assalamualaikum wbt,
    I have filled the application form for my son, Ahmad, who is going to form two, for academic program only. We will be coming for interview next week insha Allah.
    Now i plan to put him in tahfiz prog as well. Is the application still open? If yes, shall i do?

    • Wassalam puan. Welcome aboard to our IISSA family. If you have a change of mind, feel free to make further inquiries and discuss with our school admissions before school reopens. Previously we do receive students who prefer our QGDP Tahfiz program vis a vis to Full academics and Alhamdl completed 30juz of the Quran before rejoining the academic IGCSE class. Jzkk

  2. Assalamualaikum. I am planning to register my son in Issa next year Form 1. Pls advise on the fees structure and procedures.

    • Wassalam puan Norliza. Please present yourself at our school as soon as you are available. Our place is limited to 20 places only for boys. We shall require your son’s IC n his school report card if any. You are to fill in an application form and to pay the Registration fee amount of RM300 if accepted. Please also bring yours and your husband’s IC for proof of his nationality.
      School hours will be from 7.45 am – 4.30pm for Lower primary, jzkk.

  3. Assalamualaikum Admin…
    My kids going to form 4 and standard 2 which is 16 yrs and 8 yrs aged. I am looking for tahfiz integrated with academic curricula.Please help me get to know about yours. tq


    • Waalaikumussalam,
      We regret to say we do not admit in a student at Form 4 or Form 5 into IISSA because our students will sit for their IGCSE exams in Form 4. However Your std 2 child may have a chance if there is a vacancy in Std 3 next session. Please call our Admissions dept soonest possible and make your inquiries?, thank you.

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