11 thoughts on “SPM+IGCSE

    • Salaam, yes we do. Our Islamic Studies comprises Sirah, Aqidah, Fiqh, Tauhid, Al Quran with Tajwid+Hafazan from primary right uo to Secondary. These lessons are conducted in English and Arabic. Thank You.

    • Wassalam. Accomodation will be offered only to students on module Tahfiz /Academic . Please come over and meet up our Headmaster Azmeer for further inquiry. Thank you.

  1. Assalamualaikum….
    I really want to register my daughter to this school. The problem is IISSA Admission Test for 2014 intake has passed last week. Is my daughter still has chance to enter IISSA next year?

    • Wassalam. So sorry you missed out on this test. If your daughter is qualified, she may have a chance later if there is a vacancy. Thank you

  2. Alslamo Alykom
    I, Tarek, am an Egyptian an i’m going to move to Shah Alam by August 2014 in shaa allah. my son is in G9 right now. i want to register in your school for the coming year in shaa allah. My son is going for igsce. he is planing to register for five subjects (o-Level) for the first year (G10). and then three subjects in G11.
    My questions are
    1- do you have available space for him
    2- when may he register for the school
    3- as i know that igsce examinations are in May and November and that your year starts at January. will he be able to do examinations on May.
    4- do you provide (A- level) subjects in math, physics and chemistry.

    thanks in advance and sorry for too many questions

    • Wa’alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarokatuh.
      Thank you for your many questions. Our current IGCSE class of students will be due to sit for their 1st IGCSE Nov paper next year and June paper in the following year. Our locals will sit for their SPM paper in Novemeber the following year.
      Yes, our students have started their Additional Maths, Physics, Biology & :Chemistry classes in preparing the above exams.
      You shall be required to fill in our applications forms first prior being accessed their current curricular status asmsoon as you are capable to do so
      Yes, we do have vacancy in Form 3 ( equivalent to Grade 9) insyaAllah. JZKK

  3. Assalammualaikum,

    I plan to send my son to this school.Currently he is studying at the government school. He will be in form 2 next year (2016).
    1-I would like to know when is the placement test and registration for next year enrollment ?
    2-I would like to know is there any transport from Denai Alam to your school ?

    • Wassalam, Please present yourself at our school as soon as you are available. Our place is limited to 20 places only per class. We indeed have a few available places left in Form 2/2016. We shall require your son’s IC n his school report card if any. You are to fill in an application form and to pay the Registration fee amount of RM300 if accepted. Please also bring yours and your husband’s IC for proof of his nationality.
      There are transporters ferrying students to Denai Alam and forth but it will be at parents own initiative. Our admin staff will be happy to furnish you on any information necessary, jzkk.

  4. Salam admin.

    Does IISSA have any intention to include PT3 in the secondary school? How do current students cope with SPM being concentrated to Form 5 only and some say that they have to do it privately? My child is already in IISSA elementary school. Jazakumullahukhair.

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