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    • Wassalam puan azura. Buat tahun 2013 ini, Kelas Tahfiz memang hanya untuk Sec 1 dan Sec 2 sahaja. Tetapi, pihak sekolah akan memanjangkan program ini kepada tahun-tahun berikutnya untuk memastikan penghayatan AlQuran berterusan kepada pelajar dalam program ini, insyaAllah. Terima Kasih.

    • Wassalam. Maaf puan. Program Quranic Generation Development Program kami memerlukan setiap penuntut menghafal alQuran dan juga mengikuti beberapa subjek akademik sebagai persediaan mereka menghadapi peperiksaan SPM & IGCSE nanti. Terima Kasih

  1. Asalamualaikum,i would like to know what is the requirements to join sec 1 next year 2016 with tahfiz,what is the student teacher ratio for tahfiz,,and where it is located for tahfiz together with academic, is it in the same premise or need to travel for academic subjects to another premise
    thank you

    • Walaikumussalam, You will simply need to come over and fill up our Application Forms along with previous history education documents such as School leaving Cert and his/her ID along with yours. Our Tahfiz hostel will only board in BOYS and located at the very same premise at our Secondary school. Tahfiz for girls is also provided but it is a day school as in our academic option. Please feel free to come if you have any other inquiries. Thank you.

  2. Assalamualaikum , thank you so much for your reply, just want to know who should we contact for appointment, and is it compulsory for boys to board at school for tahfiz, are they allowed to go home at weekends , thanking you again

    • Wassalam. We appreciate if you could call our school number on our CONTACT US page, our front desk lady Puan Hasnita will be happy to furnish you the above details. FYI, Tahfiz for boys is compulsory to stay at our hostel. Holidays and outings are allowed only as designated by the school. Thank you. Admin

    • Wassalam, Please get in touch with our Academic or Admin staff at the school’s vicinity for exact details such as the queries above, thank you.

  3. Assalam wbh.

    I would like to know if there’s any scheme at your school for tahfiz students who have completed 30 juzuks of Al Quran and wish to sit for SPM (science stream). Can they enrol at your school for an intensive programme, say 2016, for SPM sitting the same year. Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

    • Wassalam, At IISSA our students who had completed 30juz AlQuran hafazan still have to go through the usual classes at Form 3 and henceforth will be prepared to sit for their first IGCSE papers conducted by Univ of Cambridge (O-levels in equivalent) during their Form 4 year. SPM is not an option, but parents wishing their children to sit for SPM will have to do so as a private candidate. Please present yourself at our school for extra information, jzkk.

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