Tadarrus and Khatam Al-Quran 2011

Sport's Day 2011

Our School in Jati

Our School in Rambutan

Ihtifal 2010

Sport's day 2010

Extra Co-Curricular Activities

26 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Assalamualaikum. May i know, whether i can send my son for standard 3 next year? He is now at sri cahaya school. His ustazah pushes me to send him to islamic school because he has done well inislamic subject there. It is just her opinion. How do i go about? Thank you.

    • Assalamualaikum Pn Aisyah.

      You could refer to our Fees Structured section under About IISSA Section.
      If your son is new (meaning never been schooling here at IISSA),
      you should refer to Fees Structure for level 2 with additional RM300 for registration payment.
      If not, you only need to made payment based on what is listed in fees structure for level 2.


  2. asalaum alaykum.
    i am ustaz al qur’an and bahasa arab,english,islamic studies i am looking those positions any vacancies ?i am interesting please email to me if ther are any of those i am looking
    CV is ready i can email to you any time
    thank you

    mohamed amin

    • Assalamualaikum Ustaz Mohamed Amin,

      The offer is still valid.
      If you are interested, please forward to us your resume and we will notify you for further action.

  3. Assalam ualaikum
    sir,i wanted to know about the fees for secondary and primary classes
    and also want to know what language do you teach the subjects in.?

  4. Assalamualaikum

    i have 2 sons now std 6 and 5 year old in govt school. i would like to enroll to this school. please advice.

    Thanks and As salam

    mahadi aman

    • Salam, insyallah we still have space, however for std 6 ,we have to check the UPSR reg, as it has been done for our student. please come to our school, puan Norazian shall be there to answer to all enquiries.tq

  5. assalamualaikum……….
    my daughter now is 6 y, now she in little caliph damai, subang bestari
    i wanted to ask if i want to enroll her for next year standard 1 , what should i do

    thanks, puan norma

  6. my daughter is 9plus now.v r sri lankan muslim.she studies there in international school.v like to admit her in islamic school.pls let us know wheather v can admit our daughter to ur school january 2013.pls help

    • As with all students who comes in without our basic curriculum, they have to sit our Entry Placement Test to qualify. However, parents must have a legal visa entry and a work permit to enable her study in this school. Having fulfilled that, Please contact us immediately for an appointment. Thank you.

    • Wassalam, your son can certainly enter IISSA for Standard 1 when he is 6 years old or 7 years old, depending on his Entrance examination results. Do book his place early to avoid disappointment. We have opened applications for Year 1 for 2014. T&C applied.
      Thank you.

    • Wassalam,

      Able to fulfill some cognitive skills , reading and writing and some motor sensory skills as in eye and hearing coordination to be able to follow lessons in class. Some knowledge in IQRA /harfiah/hafazan in AlQUran reading will help tremendously. Thank you

    • Wassalam. It depeds on the ability of your son in his placement test. Cognitive and motor sensory skills tests will be carried out to ensure he will be able to follow classroom learning and all other co-curricular activities lined up. Thank you

  7. assalamualaikum…
    (1) would like to know where is exactly the school located at? sek 4 or 19?
    (2) do you provide transit facility for primary school student as the class finishing at 330pm… how much will it cost?

    • Wassalam puan. 1. Our school is located at section 19 Shah Alam. However, our Boys Hostel is at Section 3 Shah Alam.
      2. Sorry, we do not have transit facilities. Parents will have to arrange their own transit and transport to and from the school. Thank you.

  8. Assalamualaikum,
    My son is 11yrs now and currently we are staying in Jeddah. He is schooling in international school right now. We have plan to move back to Shah Alam after he has complete his Year 6 next year. I would like to know do you have secondary level in this school and whether my son is qualified to join this school?

    Thank you

    • wassalamua’laikum wrm
      Yes, we do have Secondary level, with a choice of QGDP (with Tahfiz and academic) program too.Please feel free to browse through our website for further details. If your son is currently in an international school, then he shall be qualified. Thank you.

  9. I have a5 year old daughter to be in standard 1 in 2015.i am interested to send her to your school. May i know the procedure and fees?

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